Four More Move Forward on 'America's Got Talent'

Last night was mostly mediocre, punctuated by a few good acts, and I do mean a few. Hopefully America voted with its brains this time. For the record, I agree with all of Piers "the hater" Morgan's buzzes last night. I would also see a movie where Ronith played all the parts, regardless of whether Ronith knew what was going on or not.

The first group called up is comprised of Ronith, The Mona Sampath Dance Company, and AscenDance. My money (all of it) is on AscenDance. Yay, I win all of my money. AscenDance will climb/dance another day. This act was the obvious choice. The next three will be interesting.

YOU GUYS, HANNIBAL MADE CROCHETED SHARON A HAT. Awesome. Now I hope he goes through. Cirque du Soleil was great, and I hope it served as a reminder for America of what a touring/Las Vegas headlining act should look like. But back to Hannibal's DIY animal hats . . .

The next group contains Cheer SF, Iron Horse, and Alice Tan Ridley. This one also seems obvious to me, Alice Tan Ridley is the clear frontrunner and I'd be surprised if she hasn't won "America" over. Cheer SF has that defiant "we'll see what AMERICA thinks" attitude going for them, though. It's too bad they're all a little old for Facebook, since there are so many of them. Alice Tan Ridley moves on.

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