Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 15 - Marry-Go-Round

The White Wedding -

With the help of her sisters Phoebe plans the wedding of her dreams. She wants the fairy tale, complete with the church, flowers, the perfect dress, family, friends, and of course the perfect groom. Although she is highly stressed and worried that something will happen to ruin her big day, things are going as planned. Until the new Source, a.k.a. Cole intervenes with the help of the Seer. They use Phoebe’s tension and Paige’s intuition about Cole to fuel a fight between the sisters. The end result, on the day of the wedding, is a spell that causes Phoebe to be invisible.

They try everything to break the invisibility spell to no avail. They are about to call the wedding off when Paige has an idea to cast a spell to transfer Phoebe’s invisibility from one sister to another. The spell works and Phoebe, a beautiful, perfect, bride walks down the aisle with her father. Invisible Paige slips in at the back of the church to watch. The ceremony begins, but is interrupted when a demon attacks Paige in the back of the church. They try to continue with the wedding, but eventually the noises become too intense and they all leave to join the fight. They defeat the demon and manage to save Paige, who is seriously wounded in the fight. But Phoebe’s perfect wedding is destroyed.

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