Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is the first rock & roll kung fu videogame youth love story. Directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), it's based on a comic-book series by Bryan Lee O'Malley. At times, it may remind you of other films adapted from graphic novels (notably Ghost World), and even of Wes Anderson, but it's got a madly clever and playful let's-try-it-on prankishness all its own. It also has Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, a 22-year-old Toronto slacker who plays bass in a band called Sex Bob-Omb and is something of a babe magnet. Cera, with nerdy-verging-on-girly gestures, a voice that sounds like it hasn't broken yet, and his overall turtle-ish vibe, may be the unlikeliest leading man in the history of cinema - but let's be clear that I mean that as a compliment. Geeky as he is, he's so fast, his line readings driven by a hunger that never spills into self-pity, that he gets you on his wavelength by staying one ironically desperate step ahead.

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