Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 18 - Bite Me

Adjusting to Phoebe's new living situation proves to be tense. The new procedures for demon attacks include Paige orbing to get Phoebe while Piper fends off the attacker until they can return -- a method demonstrated in a Harpy attack. They vanquish the Harpy and return to their previous tasks with only a scratch. Paige still has concerns with Cole, while Phoebe deals with flu-like symptoms, and Piper struggles with unsuccessful baby making attempts. Phoebe complains of headaches & nausea. She even passes out at the sight of blood. She has a doctor run some tests and discusses with Piper the idea that she may be pregnant. Both girls reveal that they have taken pregnancy tests with negative results.

Cole flourishes in his new role as the Source. He calls a meeting with all the faction leaders to stop fighting amongst each other, and focus their efforts together instead. He goes so far as to threaten them from laying a hand on his wife or her sisters. A point he proves when his assistant, Julie, kills the Harpy leader for their attack.

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