Knight Rider: Awesome

In the age of heroes coming the the motion picture, what a better time for the front runner of in aminate object heroes come to film, or television. I am still very unclear about whether this is the beginning of a television series or a movie. I understand it is under television shows, however it is 74 minutes long. Why do people do this to me?

I digress...

This was a fantastic show/movie in which I felt drawn in and engaged with the plot. The characters were humorous, and the interactions between the car and its occupants were hilarious. I would recommend this show to my friends.

I watched a little video blurb of Dave Hasselhoff talking about the new show. In his interview he talked about how the hero was there to fight for the weaker people, to do what is right and just and good.

I find the modernization of the hero interesting. In the past heroes had always been iconic, nearly perfect. However they are now becoming more and more like us. That is they are flawed, they have imperfections and sometimes they behave in ways that players or deviants do. I suppose this is more realistic because in the real world most heroes would be seen as deviants and vigilantes, trying to bring the law into their own hands.

Times change, as did the technology. That new mustang looks awesome! If you have not watched this show yet, I think it is time to do so.

Happiness, Love, and Bunnies for all.

-Dr. Von Awesome


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Jun 15, 2008 2:09PM EDT

it was good, i didn't have an orgasm like dr.vonawesome. i miss the true kit's voice though.... british dry humour added more character.... and why stick a bird in the passanger seat..... one man and his machine.... not sidekick woman!!!!mustang ok.... but they always breakdown.... should have gone for a mclaren F1.... much cooler!!!

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