Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7, Episode 6: "The Bare Midriff" - Review

Jerry Seinfeld had a large role in this episode, as he and Larry began work on the Seinfeld reunion. There was something very sweet about these scenes - and I realize "sweet" is not a term you usually use for Curb. But Larry David and Jerry's real life friendship and collaborative past seemed to really shine through - just witness Larry patting Jerry on the shoulder as they drove together, in a rare moment of genuine affection from Larry.

Of course in the midst of this, the two also both lamented the bare (and fairly abundant) midriff of the title - belonging to the new office assistant. An amusing early scene had Larry and Jerry argue over which of them would tell her that her clothing was not appropriate - and it was great seeing how quick Jerry was to lay blame on Larry when Julia Louis-Dreyfus angrily asked who was responsible for the girl quitting.

Another great Larry/Jerry sequence had neither willing to scoot over for Richard Lewis at a restaurant, until Lewis finally stormed out. If Curb goes another season, even if the Seinfeld reunion storyline is over, it would be wonderful if Jerry Seinfeld could still occasionally appear, a la Ted Danson, because he and David work so well off each other.

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