Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 10 - Witchness Protection

The Avatars want Leo to protect someone who can help bring the Charmed Ones into the fold. They neglect to mention she's a demon Leo has encountered before – the Seer.

Phoebe keeps getting calls from Darryl, who is convinced that Brody has done something horrible to Sheridan.

Paige also has Brody on the brain – but she's preparing for a date, including a "home-cooked meal" (prepared by Piper, not Paige) at the manor.

Piper is still trying to live a normal life with Leo and the kids. As usual, it doesn't work out well.

The Seer has let it be known she's willing to sell out all her demon brethren to protect herself. This makes the demons somewhat cross – they try to vanquish her. Leo swoops in and saves her in the nick of time. She thinks the Elders, not the Avatars, sent Leo to get her. She tells him she's happy to share her information about the Avatars, assuming the Elders meet a few conditions. She wants a puppy, a house with a lap pool -- and oh yeah, to be human. The sisters are skeptical that she has anything to offer, but they change their minds when a another passel of demons attacks her in the manor. Leo tells the Head Elder the Seer has dirt on the Avatars. The Elder is interested. He'll consider turning her human, after he finds out what she knows.

Brody loves the dinner, but tells Paige he's done things he's not proud of, and says he's afraid telling her will make her leave him. Before Brody can spill his secrets, demons attack the Seer. When Paige goes up to Help, Brody tags along, and hears the Seer say the Avatars are close, and could in fact be among them any second. Brody goes ballistic - and goes to get the vanquishing potion. Paige goes with him, and manages to convince him to calm down. She promises that she and her sisters will help, and he again admits he's done things he's not proud of. Before he can confess what he means, they get, um, distracted.

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