Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 14 - Carpe Demon

Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the Avatars in their own way. Meanwhile, an evil sorcerer schemes to take an ex-demon's powers.

Paige has lost her confidence - she's second-guessing everything. Plus, she needs to find a new teacher for magic school.

Piper is convinced that everything is for the worst. Why worry tomorrow when you can start worrying today? She fears the Elders will punish Leo by taking him away from his family.

Leo is waiting for the other shoe to drop. One of the Elders is in his corner, and she tells him to avoid all magic until the Elders come to a decision.

Since the Avatars' scheme went wrong, Phoebe fears she'll never have the opportunity to fall in love and produce the little girl she saw in her vision. She's also incensed by a story about a telecom executive that's ripping off all his customers.

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