Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 16 - The Seven Year Witch

When out to protect an innocent, Piper and Paige make it just in time as the thorn demons attack. Piper is hit with a thorn right before blowing up the demon. As they orb in Piper ignores the wound on her hand as if it were no biggy. Just then, Leo walks down stairs wearing his formal Whitelighter clothes. A moment later he orbs up to the Elders to be tried.

It ends up that Leo is sent away with his memory wiped clean by the Elders in attempt to allow him to choose his own destiny whether it be an Elder forever

and never seeing his family again, or choosing Piper and become mortal.

When Piper hears this from another Elder, she winds up in a coma Lovestruck. As she hovers between life and death, her spirit meets a familiar face who wants to help restore Phoebe's faith in love by helping Piper get back her true love, Leo.

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