Spoilers from John C. McGinley


Not sure if these are common knowledge as I don't really read many Scrubs spoilers, but John C.McGinley ( Dr. Cox ) visited my college last night and he gave away a few titbits about the upcoming season:

- In the last episode JD leaves Sacred Heart to go to another hospital. McGinley also said that if they do another seaon after 8, then JD will probably be back.

- During the season you find out the janitors real name. Any time we asked McGinley for the answer he did a 'you're not gonna get it' dance :P

- He would love to do another season, and he thinks it's a possibility if ratings are good this year, and says there's no reason they wouldn't be. However, this season gives closure and an 'ending feeling' just in case the show doesn't come back.

He also talked about how Dr.Cox is his favourite part that he's done; a book 'The Untalkitive Bunny' and a few other personal and acting related things.


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Oct 8, 2008 9:52AM EDT

That's funny, he visited my college too.. I'm going to assume it's the same one =O

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