Jon and Kate Plus 8: Jon Not Dating Mystery Girl Kate Major, but still with Hailey Glassman

Jon Gosselin is really giving the press something to talk about, in more ways than one. It was recently reported that the Jon & Kate plus 8 dad was spotted with a new blonde woman over the weekend, dining together at Upper East Side's Accademia di Vino. The lady he was with wasn't identified at the time, but recent reports have revealed her to be none other than Kate. Major, that is.

According to the Us Magazine, Kate Major is a senior tabloid reporter for the publication Star. Apparently, the father of eight wasn't on a romantic date with anyone but an actual interview. Of course, we have yet to hear from both sides.

An eyewitness revealed that the woman was "flirting shamelessly with Jon," which made many wonder just how far she would go to get her story. Then again, it doesn't seem as though the Gosselin dad was holding back.

When asked to react, however, Kate Major denied all rumors about a date or an interview. She told the New York Daily News that it was just another night in the town with a pal.

"I have no comment," Major said. "There was no date. Jon and I are just friends."

It seems very likely that there's nothing going on between the two, as their Saturday night was just another scene for the paparazzi to devour. That's it for Kate Major, but let's move on to Jon's other girl. Just yesterday, E! News reported sightings of Jon with current girlfriend Hailey Glassman back together. After a week apart, they reunited with a stroll through New York's Harriman State Park.

Neither of the two was shy about their affection for each other, onlookers divulged. Jon and Hailey were seen holding hands, hugging, and locking lips. The 22-year-old daughter of Kate Gosselin's surgeon even picked a flower and placed it behind Jon's ear. Like children experiencing puppy love for the first time, they even played on the swings. All this romance is enough to make one want to throw a Gosselin trademark temper tantrum.

As for the Kate we all know, there's no word from her so far. She's probably distancing herself - surprisingly - from the tabloids for now since it looks like Jon already has them handled, particularly Kate Major.

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