Men Of A Certain Age 1.07 "Father's Fraternity" Recap

Fathers. You can't live with them, but you can't deal with them either. Oh nor can you live without them. Forgot about that one. Tonight's Men of a Certain Age focused on the notions of fathers as they inspire us, embarrass us, or make the transition into manhood somewhat easier for us. The episode that I have been waiting was delivered, because I simply don't know how to deal with my dad at times, so did I learn anything tonight? Let's find out...

Set Up

Norm's Diner is where we lay our scene this week. Owen opens up about having his sex life interrupted by a Thoreau Chevorlet commercial that upset Melissa, because in it Owen Sr. made it seem like Marcus was his son, instead of Owen, who was nowhere in the commercial. We then move onto Joe, who mentions that he will be visiting his father Artie that weekend. Then we get to Terry, who happily announces that he signed up for the Big Brother/Little Brother program. Joe and Owen immediately get the jokes popping, which ticks Terry off, because he feels that no matter if he's responsible or not, they won't give him any slack whatsoever. Do I sense an intense Terry storyline this week? Do tell!

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