'Damages' - 'You Haven't Replaced Me' Recap Season 3, Episode 7

Well, the plot on 'Damages' is certainly thickening, and I'd be disappointed if it did anything less. It's reminding me more and more of a John Grisham novel, especially after last night's episode.

We've got feuding families, people with lots of secrets, various attorneys and public officials, and now even a bank in the Caribbean. And yes, lots of mind games between Patty and Ellen.

The question of "What does Patty know?" is always brewing in my head. When she told Lenny that he wasn't a Tobin, you wonder if she knows his background. We learned more of his sad past -- mom died months earlier and dad never told him, but kept cashing his checks. What went on between Lenny and his dad to make them so hateful towards each other?

This season of 'Damages' is a lot about family, and last night, we got Lenny's backstory. Now his dad is blackmailing him to keep sending checks -- or he'll blow the lid off his past and tell everyone that Lenny's nothing but a petty thief. And let's not forget the flash-forward, where Lenny's fingerprint is found on the bloody handbag found in a homeless guy's shopping cart with Ellen's ID in it. Ellen told the cops it was stolen.

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