'Real Housewives of NJ': A Tale of Two Babies Season 2, Episode 4

In this week's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa woke up in labor and told her husband Joe to take her to the hospital. It's their fourth baby, so neither of them was in a panic.

A Birth

She helped her daughters with breakfast and packed her best jewelry for the hospital. (Jewelry...for the hospital?) Meanwhile, Joe was having his coffee. He was in no hurry at all.

We actually got to see the syringe and the needle go in her back when she got the epidural. Yikes! It is reality TV, after all...maybe a bit too real.

Teresa told Joe that he should buy her diamonds for what she went through. And it was funny that she asked, "How do I look?" while she was in labor.

In a push and a half, her beautiful, healthy baby girl was born. Teresa got dressed in her animal print pajamas right away, and the baby was wearing animal print too. She's already being trained to be the diva she will grow up to be. She's so cute.

Dina came to visit them in the hospital with a huge teddy bear in tow. She started to cry when Teresa asked her to be the baby's godmother. It was clear that she felt very honored at being asked.

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