'Mad Men' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Who Is Don Draper?

Who is Don Draper? I suspect the people over at Mad Men have been provoking their audience with this question and will continue addressing it until series end. I doubt we'll ever know since Don has no idea himself. His trouble begins in this episode when he can't define himself to a reporter to promote his advertising company during November of 1964, almost a year after last season's finale.

Throughout the episode, we're given updates as to what most of the Mad Men crew is up to and we're shown their growth or backwards slides in typical subtextually significant moments. What better way to show us how everyone is doing than an episode that takes place around Thanksgiving, a holiday that makes you stop and take stock of what you have, who makes you happy, and the family you have to share it with.

Peggy is Engaging, But Not Engaged

Elizabeth Moss said in an interview that Peggy Olsen started as the eyes of the audience in the pilot of the show and continues on some level to be those eyes, leading us through ad agencies, flings, being a woman in the work force, and her intriguing relationship with Don Draper. Tonight was no exception and it was fun to see Peggy take some ownership of her life, starting with her hair and ending with the conversation she had with Don. I loved watching her take risks with the publicity stunt and even her posture in the offices of SCDP seemed more at ease than at Sterling/Cooper. However, even while she takes steps forward, acording to Don, she's still a girl. So who was the man she was with? Boyfriend? Friend? Was I supposed to understand this?

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