Invictus Review

In 1995, the South African Springbox entered the Rugby World Cup under the leadership of their captain, Francois Pienaar, and with the rousing support of President Nelson Mandella. As a country of blacks and whites cheered the team on toward their potentially historic victory - together, and in unison - it would have been impossible not to recall the previous year. Apartheid had ended. Nelson Mandella had been released from prison and in a landmark victory had been elected president. The blacks, now in the majority after years of oppression, had assumed governmental control to the fear of the white citizenry. The largely white Springbox, an athletic remnant of Apartheid, had played their worst-ever season of Rugby, dashing any hope that they might make that year's World Cup, which was to be hosted in their own backyard. Hated by the blacks and supported by the whites in a country that was headed in the opposite direction, the Springbox were on the verge of being dismantled and rebranded until Mandella, possessing an incredible foresight, realized the potential of a rousing comeback to inspire unity amongst his divided people.

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