Where not in smallville any more

i have watched every episode of smallville since it aired all those many seasons ago. i was there when clark almost fried his school because of a hot teacher, all the way up untill lana is brain dead. i have sat and watched as pete left and characters like LOis and jimmy planted there feet into the thread that is smallville. but i belive that it is finally time to see the show set sail for new waters.hes out of school, theres no actual threat. now i do agree that they could do more with the show. the actual superman didnt start wearing the "suit" until he was 30, but with the two basic writers gone and lex becoming a GUEST character. i belive that the big guys at WB should pull out before you lose alot of already falling popularity.

now let me clarify. i am in no way dissing smallville.but its time to face the facts. eather change the name or give up




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Apr 8, 2008 1:44PM EDT

they should make a Superman the beginning
new cast, same writers.
CK in Metropolis as a starting reporter.
I know that it has been made alot of times, but not into the depth of the starting, like "lois and Clark" the beginning only lasted in 1 episode, then suddently CK got so well established.

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Apr 8, 2008 5:36PM EDT

They prob should end smallville since lex and possibly chloe wont be there for a full season next season.....but i really wish they would possible elaborate on the story of superman a little more before ending it......maybe a romance between clark and lois and clark helping Green arrow's team more (justice league) and maybe clark stepping into the reporting career......then it would be pretty cool like bintwang said to make a superman starting as a reporter with a new cast so that the smallville could possibly be leading up to that

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