'True Blood' recap: What's your type?

You may have hated Lorena, but if True Blood is for you, you loved her death. Bill's maker made a classic talk-too-much-when-you-should-just-kill-the-person mistake, and paused while draining Sookie to tell her that she was delicious - and to ask the question we still haven't officially answered, What are you? Sookie's response: I'm the bitch that's gonna kill you. While Lorena laughed, Bill used his last strength to sneak up behind her and wrap a silver chain around her neck. He pulled her to the ground on top of him and motioned for Sookie to get one of the stakes conveniently piled nearby. Bill told Sookie do it, and Lorena stopped fighting. William, I love you, she said, and in her mind, she was probably comforted to be dying in Bill's arms. You wouldn't know love if it kicked you in the fangs, Sookie shouted, and plunged the stake through Lorena's heart. Lorena erupted like a geyser. Blood shot out of her mouth until she was nothing but a puddle on Bill. It was right up there with the bloodbath Sookie received during Longshadow's death. Well done.

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