The Big Bang Theory: "The Zazzy Substitution" Review Season 4, Episode 3

Are two Sheldon's better than one? Yes and no. In this week's episode, "The Zazzy Substitution," we get more Amy Farrow Fowler, Sheldon's friend who is a girl. (He refuses to call her his girlfriend, since they've done nothing unsanitary.) "Shamy" breaks up, Sheldon flips out and buys soft and warm kitties, Leonard calls Sheldon's mom, who does some reverse psychology on them, forbidding them to be together and they hook right back up. Oh, and the rest of the group got a scene or two.

The dialogue is as snappy as ever and this is still one of the only shows on television that makes me laugh until my eyes tear, but I'm a little concerned that this is becoming the Sheldon show. The rest of the cast had very little to do this week. It's only the third week of the season and maybe I'm over reacting, but I'll be honest. I miss everyone else! And with Penny gone for a few episodes in the coming weeks, I worry that this trend will continue. Don't get me wrong. I love Sheldon. But this is such a talented cast who's relationships work like a well-oiled machine. Hook ups, break ups, issues galore and they still gel. It's time to let the other kids have a turn.

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