The Office Episode Recap: "Sabre" Season 6, Episode 15

In this episode of The Office, a mysterious company named Sabre - headed by a magnetic, unorthodox CEO (Kathy Bates), swoops in and buys out Dunder Mifflin. As Michael balks at Sabre's new policies, Andy and Erin write a welcome song to greet the company. Meanwhile, Pam and Jim hope to get accepted into a desired local day-care center.

Hello, Natalie Abrams here, taking over The Office recap and calling Dunder Mifflin my home for the next few weeks, at least until baby Jam shows up. So we'll look at this as the gestation period. I'll recap The Office, and you sit back, relax and enjoy.

Where the heck was the "that's what she said" when Erin was chanting "I've got a big box, yes I do!"? At least Oscar replied, "I think you don't know what you're saying." Sabre, an electronics company and the new owner of Dunder Mifflin, has sent over a couple new goodies for the office. It turns out Michael was supposed to set them aside for Gabe, someone swinging by the following day.

Pam suggests putting the box back together, even though Michael "opened it like an ape," says Dwight. Oscar and Pam successfully play Tetris and fit everything back in the box, but just as they celebrate, Michael's cell phone rings...inside the box.

The following day Gabe enters to applause, led by Michael, who recalls times working with David Wallace. Sniff. Gabe Lewis, the coordinating director for emerging regions, conveys that Sabre is very impressed with Dunder Mifflin. Sometimes I wonder if any one has any idea what really goes on in that office. If Dunder Mifflin was the best office, it's no wonder the company went bankrupt. I'm just saying!

And with that segue, cue the song prepared for Gabe's arrival (see what I'm saying here?). And what worries me more is that Gabe wants to put it on the Sabre website. Erin and Andy make sweet music, but unfortunately still pronounce it Sabre (think Saw-bray). Ouch.

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