Fringe Episode Recap: "Jacksonville" Recap Season 2, Episode 15

"Jacksonville" opens with an event we've been waiting for; a building from the other dimension crosses over into ours, killing and deforming everyone inside. As Walter explains, in order for the universe to right itself, a building from our dimension will be sent to theirs - and the only person who might be able to tell what building it will be is Olivia.

"Jacksonville" was an interesting beast. Most of the mythology-heavy episodes this season have been quickly paced and information heavy, but this one was more leisurely paced and the information given out slowly over the entire episode. Some people may have found it frustrating, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It left room for the characters to breathe and absorb what was going on, whether it be Walter putting on an old pair of glasses or Olivia sitting in a charred room we've seen once before.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The wonderfully horrifying beginning provided enough unforgettable images that I was spending half the episode trying to shake them, giving the creators the opportunity to arrange all the pieces at whatever pace they wanted. Seeing poor Pratchett (The Wire alum, Jim True-Frost) stuck with a few too many limbs and another head in his chest is likely to stick with me for awhile.

After Walter and Astrid investigate Pratchett's body and the belongings from his office, Walter explains the experiments he and Belly first performed in alternate dimension travel. The two sent a car into the other dimension and they got a car back - 11 minutes later and fused to a statue of John Harvard. This is the universe's attempt to balance itself and since a building from their dimension was sent to ours, one from ours will be sent to theirs. And the only way to identify the building is by a "glimmer" that objects and people from the other dimension give off, and of course the only person who could possibly see it is Olivia. She was, after all, the one who named the effect when she was a young girl being tested with Cortexiphan by Walter and Belly.

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