'Mad Men' Recap: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Every episode of Mad Men has a couple of those killer lines that rattle around in your head long after you've turned off the TV and laid down for bed. I still can't ever hear someone being asked what they want out life without hearing Don echo in my head: The answer is huge. A line from tonight, if a little on the nose, encapsulated the most interesting characters' struggles with life: It all comes down to what I want versus what's expected of me. It was uttered by the high-minded doc employed by Bert's market research guru. Don, after balking at taking a quiz that would force him into a pen-and-paper therapy session, was momentarily struck by her succinct summation of his life's crisis. He quickly tried to regain control of their conversation by inviting her out for some splurting chicken Kiev. Stuck being you, Don!

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