Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Song Remains the Same" Season 5, Episode 13

Sam and Dean are sent back to the future without the courtesy of Marty McFly's Delorean. Castiel is the one who helps the brothers go back in time to stop Anna from killing their parents thereby eliminating Sam who happens to be Lucifer's vessel. Everything about this episode is big. We get an answer to a big question, we get big moments that will have the longtime fans cheering and possibly tearing up, and we also get one big meeting that we've been anxiously awaiting all season long. Let's break things down from the very beginning.


"The Song Remains the Same" - yet another homage to the great classic rock band Led Zeppelin. Has anyone counted all the Zeppelin references the writers have bestowed on us over these four and a half seasons?


"Destiny can't be changed Dean. All roads lead to the same destination."

Castiel's words at the end of the recap need to be etched in stone because I think it's going to pretty much be the motto for the rest of the season.

Now - First Act

We see a close up of Dean and he's in a strange room with a sexy devil stripper and a sexy angel stripper gyrating for him to the tune of Warrant's "Cherry Pie." It doesn't get as far as a lap dance because unfortunately for Dean, Anna interrupts. Angels like to interrupt Dean in his dreams. Remember Cas appearing to him while he was fishing in "The Rapture?" This time around, Dean's dream isn't as serene.

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