'Jersey Shore' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap

On this week's episode of 'Jersey Shore,' the roommates were in the mood to celebrate Angelina's departure. A giddy Pauly did jumping jacks in her old corner of the room, the Situation cooked a lobster dinner complete with champagne (and poured some for his trash bag-toting homie) and everyone gave thanks for their seven-strong family unit.

For a few minutes, everything felt right again in the guido universe. The mood was light with the promise of new beginnings and fresh plotlines.

Former vet tech Snooki performed an animal rescue on one of the lobsters, whom she christened Charlie. (Let's forgive her the fact that the freshwater home she provided for him would kill him sooner than chef Mike). Then Snooki apologized to Sam about the note and the girls agreed to get pedicures. Vinny had a date at the beach with Ramona, the trilingual Amazonian hottie from a few episodes back. Life was good.

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