'So You Think You Can Dance' - 'Winner Chosen' Season Finale Recap Season 7

Cat welcomes America to the final episode of this season's 'So You Think You Can Dance' and continues to pimp the idea of a "Genuine Dance Superstar" to perform. Sadly, she was lying because I know that Fox doesn't have the technology to revive Fred Astaire or Michael Jackson. The finale could have been fit into a half-hour, but why would Fox do something silly like that? They probably made buckets of money from advertisers.

Since it's a celebration, we have seven judges and choreographers including the missed Mary Murphy. Sure, her opinions were usually off the rocker, but Mia doesn't make sense and Adam would suggest casting the dancer in his next movie. We get a video evolution of Nigel's hair and I loved hearing Mary's laughter in the background. Mia gets a montage of her odd vocabulary and Adam gets the Blue Steel face montage. Along with them are Tyce Diorio, Stacey Tookey, and Kenny Ortega. All four extra judges don't do much except stand and clap.

Group Dance (Christopher Scott) - We start off with Melinda actually getting to tap. The all-stars accompany the 11 as Jose and Dominick perform some break, Jose doing less grounded moves. Twitch gets to control the girls, but poor Alex gets wheeled in and has to perform on a chair while everyone flips around him. Everyone sans Alex goes out and performs near the end. If they could get Artie in 'Glee' to be in most of the performances, Alex in a chair with wheels could have been there as well.

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