Heroes starting a new upward trend?

Dear John....

Apart from shifting the world's bad-est character away from Silar (to Sulivan), and therefore carying on with the same premise as before, I have the feeling that Heroes are trying to redo things by getting rid of the old (or otherwise dead-end) characters, and playing the same stories again with new "wallpaper" - masking the creativity.

OK, so I am not being very clear. Well, I'm not so sure myself yet, but I really enjoyed the last episode. I guess if I am anoyed that the episode is over already, then it must have been a good episode... ?? ... or is it just that the episode wasn't complete enough...

Well, I hate the long waits between shows. And I really get annoyed by the short seasons in the US... ...and; I feel that the executives determine which shows head down a path of failure via bad publicity and reducing episodes per season. If you reduce the frequency of a show then it is only normal that you lose... my guestimation... at least a quarter of your viewers. What naturally follows... a downward spiral. Less money... fewer shows.. even less money... less airtime... less viewers .. less money... less shows... no viewers.. no airtime.. no shows.... and in the end Letterman wins again, although nobody would miss his kind of show if it wasn't around. That "scheite" makes people dump. (intended)

Sad really.

I really like 'these' kind of shows, and find that television (and film) is made for the things that aren't part of the everyday-life. Honestly, how much hospital shows, CSI-type shows, and other Bad teenage romantic vampire rip-offs can one handle along with real life and "real"-ity tv formats.

ok..ok. I'll stop now. I don't really know what I was leading up to anymore anyway... anyhow. ;)

cheers ears...

Heroes is a tie with Supernatural... and they are both even with Trueblood (if it ever airs again.. man!, it's a long time since that show did anything... poor ana, maybe she had to spend some time with her Piano ;) )

..and I "kinda" like smallville as well.. don't tell anyone.. HEY! it's Superman.. MAN! give me a break. Who doesn't wanna be superman?!

ok, seriously..

... cheers ears...

LOve and greetings goes out to the world..

- can't get enou o' dat! ... spread it.. - (intended)



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Jun 7, 2016 4:40PM EDT

I agree that Heroes seems to be picking up (bout time theres only 3 episodes left) and it is starting to at least feel like Season 1 sans the brilliance. Whatever, thats a step in the right direction. Plus, NBC execs are saying that Heroes will end up with a Season 5 (most likely due to the fact that every other show the network airs is a comedy or sitcom that is just not doing well or Chuck). If Heroes can finish up this season epically (preferably with a brutal action scene that we can see) and then can come back next season going a very different direction, the show may yet have a chance.
Also, True Blood and Supernatural are both great. True Blood is currently starting Season 3 production and Season 3 will air starting in June. Go to their page and you will see a lot of casting has been going on for new characters and creatures. From what I hear, it has even been picked up for Season 4 before Season 3 has started. Supernatural will return for the second half of the season on the 21st, I think.


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Jan 17, 2010 9:24PM EST

Loving Heroes so far. Over here in London season 4 just started and we're only on episode 3 which was interesting with that girl seeing sounds. Very cool. I've noticed that here it hasn't had all the hype that it had orignally which is sad coz its brill.

Supernatural is even cooler. It really reminds me of something which i cant remember and a lil bit of buffy. I dont know why i say that but it does.

True Blood is excellant and i've read some of the books. Season 2 is about to start here soon and i guess each season is a different book. which i find very very very good coz we got some surprises and excitiment coming our way if its done properly.

I'm just wait for something even more excellant than Doctor Who and Being Human to come from some uk writers which could entertain us while we have to wait for American programs to start.
uh well soon i guess.

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