'Futurama' - 'A Clockwork Origin' Recap Season 6, Episode 9

It's always nice when a television sitcom can manage to be funny and still have something interesting to say. It's like getting a delicious ice cream cone and discovering a healthy stalk of broccoli inside of it.

Last night's episode of 'Futurama' took on the never-ending heated debate between science and creationism in a way that not only got in a couple of good swipes at either side, but did so in a way that didn't detract from the meat of the meatbags' main conflict.

The Planet Express team, who still seem to spend every waking minute doing things except delivering packages, took on the creationist movement, led by science guy Dr. Farnsworth, to find the "missing missing link" in man's evolutionary structure. When the snooty Dr. Banjo one-upped Dr. Farnsworth's one-up, he left Earth for a lifeless planet and accidentally unleashed a brand of evolving robots. The whole structure of the planet seemed destined for a pro-science ending, but it ended with a very interesting dual symmetry of the setup plot that shows no one theory on either side is perfect without beating you over the head with a beaker or a Bible.

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