Recap: "Baseball Was Better with Steroids"

It was the sixth-season finale, and Charlie's ex-girlfriend, Mia, suddenly shows up, causing Charlie to re-think his relationship with Chelsea. Meanwhile, Alan, Charlie and Herb go to the hospital with Judith when her water breaks.

Alan was trying to type up a screenplay at the coffee shop when Mia, Charlie's ex-girlfriend, spotted him. She had moved to New York with her husband, but she said that they had split up, which is why she moved back home. She had asked Alan where he was living now. He looked embarrassed, so Chelsea figured out that he still lived with Charlie. Since Charlie's fiancee had moved in, she just assumed that Alan would have moved out and found a place of his own to live. "Give Charlie my best," Mia told Alan as she headed out.

Alan, Charlie, and Jake were all watching TV. Charlie had just gotten off the phone with Chelsea. He asked her when she thought she would be home, because he was looking forward to having dinner with her. Once he was off the phone, Alan told Charlie, "You'll never guess who I ran into - Mia at the coffee shop." Once Alan said Mia's name, Charlie looked shocked because he wasn't expecting that. Alan told Charlie that Mia was single again and living in LA. Charlie asked how she looked, and Alan said, "Better than ever." Alan also told Charlie that Mia said to give Charlie her best. "That's it?" Charlie asked. He wanted to know if there was any sub-text. Alan just said that he had mentioned that Charlie was engaged and that Mia seemed happy for him. "Why would you tell her that?" Charlie asked. Alan just said he told her that because Charlie was engaged. "Don't tell me you're still carrying a torch for her," Alan said. Charlie said he had forgotten her, but Alan was the one that brought her up. Alan then said that he wasn't one to talk, because he still had feelings for Melissa, his former assistant. She's the one that caught Alan in bed with her mother. Alan suggested that Charlie acknowledge his feelings for Mia while moving forward with Chelsea.

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