Dexter: What is Rita's Secret?

No offense to Julie Benz, but I never really liked her character Rita on Dexter. She was tolerable during the first season but somehow she has turned into one of the most annoying personalities on the Showtime series. I'm sure Rita means well but I can't help but feel sorry for poor Dexter who's obviously suffocating whenever she nags and indulges in a little power trip. On the other hand, the writers must have a pretty good reason for building up her character this way and I wouldn't be surprised if Little Miss Homemaker turns out to be someone with a dark secret.

Now this is just pure speculation so hold your horses before you violently react. This theory, though, is something that came to me just when I read Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello's column about Julie Benz tweeting a photo of a guy she says will be part of a big reveal in the Dexter's season finale. And Ausiello says, "If this guy is who I think he is, fans are not going to be happy."

Shortly after reading that quick post, I remembered something from the third season, which almost skipped my mind heading into the fourth: Dexter discovered that Rita was briefly married when she was 16--- something she never told him. She also lied outright when he subtly asked her about it. Eventually, Dexter decided to let Rita keep her secrets as he would be keeping his own.

So why did Rita lie to Dexter at the time? What else could Rita be keeping from him? And who's the man in the photo? Hopefully, we'll get more clues (and twists) as we head further into the season. So far, three episodes have aired so we're still left with nine episodes to enjoy, including this Sunday's "Dex Takes a Holiday."

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Oct 16, 2009 5:32PM EDT

i agree with u about the whole nag thing she does on the show, i prefer her soooo much more in the book

Default avatar cat
Oct 18, 2009 1:52PM EDT

it just means the writers are doing their jobs she is suppost to drive dexter crazy because a big part of this season is how dexter can handle it all without slipping or going crazy and showing his true monster to the outside world because of all the new things in his life. the only thing slightly wrong thing i've found with this season is what happened to Miguel Prado's wife sil because her and rita where friends and rita even got a job from her and i guess they just left her behind but i really dont care about her character so much anyway so i can look past it i guess

Default avatar cat
Oct 19, 2009 1:22AM EDT

You raise some good points.. And your right about the character , she has become increasingly annoying for me. I do applaud the writers for delivering a great show with each episode build , and very interesting characters. When i saw the trailer for next week's episode, she will confront dexter about keeping his apartment secret, lying to her.. This will for sure make her a huge hypocrite for never telling him about her previous marriage. Regardless, for how tragic it was or not you can't hold a secret that huge from someone, and at the same time expect complete honesty at the same time.. I'd say if there was anything worse than lying it's being a total hypocrite as well.

Default avatar cat
Oct 20, 2009 4:34PM EDT

yes that will probably happen im not saying that i like what her character is doing but since its fictional and i dont get mad at fictional characters it doesnt really bother me that much but i can see where your coming from

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