V Episode 10: "Hearts and Minds" Review

I've got two minds about this episode yet again falling back on the "12 hours earlier" thing, as I've already noted I think that's a really played out move on TV. But on the other hand, when you open a show with someone shooting a rocket launcher, you've got my attention. So I'm conflicted!

Actually, overall, I liked this episode quite a bit. I don't know if it needed the flashback situation, since we saw Anna plan to outwit the Fifth Column early on either way. But it put our heroes in a very tense, unsettling situation and felt a little more nuanced than some V episodes have been.

Anna making the Fifth Column out to be human-killing terrorists is a smart and diabolical move on her part, and they continue to do a good job of making her a clever and credible threat. It's kind of a stretch that she didn't simply have living humans on board the shuttle she tricked the Fifth Column into blowing up, because it's not like she'd care about any of them – and using those already dead added one more potential problem for them down the road (even if they managed to squelch it). But overall, it was a well done power play on the part of the V leader.

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