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New clips of seasone finale!

I came across it at this website:

if it doesnt work.. here's another one i found on youtube..

and yet another clip of blair here:

I hope they end up back together!!!

PS: Take another look at B's expression after she slams the door on the first clip.... ;)


| 04:13 EDT, 16 May, 2008
Does ne1 kno exactly wen GG is coming bk afta da summer??Im sooo xcited...Lovin Chuck :D
| 16:07 EDT, 15 May, 2008
The season finale airs Monday, May 19th in the U.S., so this coming Monday!
| 05:49 EDT, 15 May, 2008
hey, just wondering when the season finale airs in the states? i have to wait for it to come on here to watch it cos we're so behind in the uk! any idea when it'll be coming on here? x
| 05:10 EDT, 15 May, 2008
Ahhhh! Its so sad that its soon all over again:(But at least theres an extended season 2 after the summer;);)
| 01:38 EDT, 15 May, 2008
icelandgirl:yeah... the server goes down a lot... but just keep clicking "enter" on the site address line a couple of times and the site should be available :) (Or keep pressing refresh)
| 16:00 EDT, 14 May, 2008
I tried going to that site, but their server is unavailable. Do you know of anywhere else it might be?
| 06:53 EDT, 14 May, 2008
ohhh thats a goood trailer...there sooo cute!!

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