Fringe: "Unearthed" Review Season 2, Episode 11

This is one of those episodes that just hurt to watch. Not just because it was bad (and it was), but mainly because it seems that someone understood that it was bad, and gave it a proper burial back during season one. But for some reason somebody decided to desecrate its grave, exhume the body, and parade the corpse for all the world to see.

This was a "lost" episode from season one. If you didn't know that, you might have been confused as to why Charlie Francis was magically back from the dead. It would've been nice if Fox had explained that better in the build up to this oddly placed, Monday night episode.

The story starts with the apparent death of a young girl, which then leads to fairly typical TV hospital drama. Then things turn a little freaky when the young lady pops up during her own organ removal surgery, but in the world of Fringe openings, this is rather mundane.

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