Supernatural Season 5, Episode 2: "Good God, Y'all!" - Recap

Castiel tells Sam and Dean he needs to find God because God is the only other one besides Michael that can stop Lucifer. The brothers head to River Pass, Colorado to handle an alleged demon outbreak, but that's not the big news. Not by a long shot.

"Good God, Y'all" reminds me of a mix between Season 2's "Croatoan" and Season 3's "Sin City." In "Croatoan," Sam and Dean dealt with a demonic virus. Bridges were out, chaos reigned, people turned into monsters - that's basically what has been happening in this small town. The citizens have been made to think their neighbors are demons, but It turns out no one really had black eyes or was susceptible to holy water, salt and/or exorcisms. The "Sin City" part of the equation comes in to play after "Roger" reveals to Sam he didn't have to do much to cause the disorder and destruction of this town. I kind of remember the same thing happening in the Season 3 episode where decadence and debauchery prevailed. So thanks to a hallucination here and a nudge there, the good people of River Pass are taking each other out. And we can all thank "Roger" who turns out to be War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The fact we're in Week 2 of Supernatural's version of the end of days and we've already met one of the four horsemen is a pretty significant event.

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