Vampire Diaries: "The Night of the Comet"

Following a record-setting, mythology-heavy first chapter, The Vampire Diaries returned with a streamlined plot, more Ian Somerhalder and solid plot twists. I'm a firm believe it's the second episode of a series that tells viewers whether a show works or not and after having seen Night of the Comet, I definitely think this show works.

Aunt Jenna

"Your asshat of a history teacher shamed me good yesterday."

Providing a glimpse at what it must be like to suddenly be the guardian of two teenagers, Elena's Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) was given significantly more screen time than she was in the pilot. The expansion of her role is a perfect example of why this episode worked better for me. The plots and characters were able to stop and take a breath while we got a better glimpse of them in their day-to-day.

Jeremy's behavior has forced Jenna to become the kind of suspicious and law-abiding authority figured she never thought she would be.

We also learned that in her younger years, Jenna could eat her weight in nachos when she had the munchies.


Bonnie's Grams was mentioned yet again. She already has her granddaughter exploring a psychic gift. Now, Bonnie's spreading Grams' belief that a comet set to pass over Mystic Falls in the coming days will cause all sorts of paranormal activity, just as it did 145 years ago.

By the episode's end, she's had another psychic vision after grazing fingers with Stefan.

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