Supernatural Episode Recap: "Exile on Main Street"

Then: At the end of Season 5, Sam sacrificed himself to stop the apocalypse and rid the world of Lucifer. This left Dean to be with Lisa and Ben so he could finally have that shot at a normal life he hadn't experienced since he was 4.

Now: It's a year later and Dean's Mr. Respectable. He wakes up in the morning; he makes breakfast for Ben; he goes to work at his construction gig; he barbecues and drinks beer with the neighbors; he spends quality time with Ben; he locks up and makes sure the house is secure; he makes sure Ben's safe and then gets back in bed with Lisa to go to sleep.

Welcome back, guys! This was a different episode of Supernatural, don't you think? I ended up watching it twice. After the first time, I couldn't put two thoughts together. I liked it, but it wasn't like anything I've ever seen on this show before. I mean, a lot of it took place at Dean's house in the suburbs! And the action didn't involve any demons or angels that we know of (so far) -- unless you want to count the yellow-eyed demon (YED) hallucinations.

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