Fringe Season 2, Episode 1: "A New Day in the Old Town" - Recap

Fringe returns for its second season in typical fashion, with bizarre villains, weird science and, of course, a ton of new questions. Olivia returns from her meeting with William Bell in arguably the strangest car accident of all time, Broyles fights to keep Fringe division open, Peter tries to sort out all the weirdness and Walter makes some custard!

It feels good to have this show back, doesn't it? The first season may have been a bit of slow going at first, but, man, once it got going, it turned into quite a ride. But enough of last season, let's talk about this wonderfully weird new episode, shall we? We open in Manhattan with a car accident. There's a strange man fleeing said accident and using some sort of device to shape-shift into the poor man who just happened to open his door. It also appears our beloved Agent Olivia Dunham was involved in the car accident, only she's nowhere to be found. Cut to everyone's favorite father and son duo, Walter and Peter Bishop, innocently shopping in a grocery store before getting called in to consult on the bizarre accident. They, and we, are introduced to Agent Amy Jessup, an attractive FBI agent (is there any other kind?) who clearly has no clue what is going on. Walter fiddles with Olivia's wrecked car when the electronics go haywire, and a knowing look passes over his face. The car falls silent just before Agent Dunham bursts through the windshield and rolls to a stop in front of Peter and Agent Jessup.

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