Review - Leverage 3.01 & 3.02 "The Jailhouse Job/The Reunion Job"

Welcome to the third season of Leverage. In case you forgot, the end of last season saw an injured Nate bleeding on the deck of a boat about to be taken into the custody of Interpol (and his old nemesis James Sterling) while his team fled for their own safety. So where do they all go from here? We’re about to find out in tonight’s doubleheader.

As the title of the first episode suggests, Nate is in jail. Obviously, he’s not going to stay there forever. Meanwhile, his team is in the middle of pulling off something of their own in the courthouse – something which involves Parker sleeping upside-down in an elevator shaft. Why? Because she’s about to free Nate from custody. While she does that, Hardison is setting off car alarms, Eliot is slugging FBI agents, and Sophie gets to drive the getaway car.

But…we find out this is all just a hypothesis. Nate is really in prison, and Sophie is talking to him over the prison phone, with Hardison patching in the dialogue of a Spanish soap opera so he can cover up their conversation. His team wants to bail him out, but he’s intent on serving his time, telling them not to break him out. Which means you know they’re going to whether he wants to or not.

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