''Unchained'' Review

What did you think of the last episode of Lie to Me Unchained?

I don't think I need to remind you what a big fan of this show I am, so I'll dive right in to what I thought about tonight's episode.

I am kind of liking the two parallel storylines that we get every episode, it's double the fun.

This week we got a rehabilitated gang leader being diagnosed by Lightman and Torres, and a firehouse under investigation for a possible murder of one of the firefighters by Foster and Loker.

Of course my favorite of the two was the gang leader. I loved how Lightman could distinguish between what was residual anger and the real thing. It doesn't only come down to recognizing the expression, but to actually doing research on the human response and how we evolve. I find it fascinating.

The only thing is that I had figured out the whole deal with the wife of the man killed by Manny Trillo in the very first interview, when we saw that she didn't believe one thing she was saying. By the way, who's totally going to be looking at people shaking their heads when they are telling you something. I am!

As for the firefighters, I actually didn't figure out who had done it. But it was so interesting to look at all the different expressions the dead firefighter elicited in other people.

Also who else loved learning about group dynamics? It's as if I'm taking a class every week when I watch Lie To Me, except that I actually enjoy it.

Is it next Wednesday yet? I want more Lie to Me?

What about you guys? Are there any expressions that you recognized from seeing them in other people? Also who would love to to see Lightman and Loker team up once?

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Mar 12, 2009 7:27AM EDT

I don't get why everyone likes this show. I like the premise but the acting is HORRIBLE! On a show that basis around facial emotions its pathetic.


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Mar 13, 2009 6:49AM EDT

ok .... why? personally i like the show, and the acting isn't the best i've seen, but i wouldn't say its horrible. do you find fault with how they deliver the lines? is it that their expressions are inconsistent with the story content? do you think that they show behavior or mannerisms inconsistent with the background of the character? what about the acting do you not like? because just making a broad claim like that is more expressing your opinion than an assessment of their acting ability.(btw in my opinion, 'the best' as far as tv acting go's is Patrick Stewart, with the best modern tv actor being Hugh Laurie)
as for this episode, i can say that i knew (or suspected) the gang leader was on the up and up when he got stabbed in the neck (seemed to me a person who still had 'connections' wouldn't be assaulted that easy), and i knew the widows plan from the moment they showed her as having hidden feelings. still, watching the back and forth between Lightman and Torres as they analyzed the gang-leader was somewhat amusing. i also liked the 'he made you what you are' speech Lightman gave her in the end (it seems to me though any person would have exchanged the ability for not being abused in the past).
the other story, the firehouse one, disappointed me in that it was similar to the previous one with the high-school girl, by having the vary first suspect be the one who did it in the end. also i felt there was no build, only twist. in most of these story lines you can guess what happens next, or at least in looking back you can see the elements that led to the conclusion, but with this one it was 'oh, and look, 2 seconds ago we recorded you, and now your guilty.' i guess its a good change up of being too leading, but it was too much the other extreme, random.

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