Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

A moving truck rumbles down a suburban street. Behind the wheel is Jeff Woodcock and next to him is his beautiful new wife, Steph Woodcock. The newlyweds squeal in excitement about driving down their new street for the first time until their passion takes over and Jeff leans in to kiss Steph. Steph pulls away just before Jeff nearly misses hitting an oncoming mail truck. It 's their twelfth day of marriage.

Next door to the Woodcock's new home, Eddie Stark and his wife Joy are having breakfast. Rather, they're tolerating each other long enough to get a meal in. Joy slices her thumb open and waves it in Eddie's face. He's disgusted, but Joy forces it on him anyway. This is marriage day 8,743 for them.

Through the window, Eddie sees the Woodcocks exit the moving truck. Jeff is carrying Steph and bumps her head on the doorway.

Jeff and Steph finish their daily jog and pace in their front yard. Eddie and Joy pull up in the driveway. When they get out of the car, they introduce themselves. Eddie finds out that Jeff is the new Assistant Vice Principal at the high school where Eddie also teaches history. Jeff expresses his desire to be a "cool" Vice Principal, but Eddie tells him that it's in a kid's nature to hate their Vice Principal, and having a last name like Woodcock already puts him at a disadvantage. Steph returns from the mailbox with a pool table catalog and Jeff tells everyone he had considered putting it in the dining room.

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