The Hills: Kristin Cavallari Weighs In on Celeb Burglaries

Who would've thought it'd be Kristin Cavallari who would comment on the web of burglaries plaguing Hollywood recently? It comes as a surprise only because one of the victims of the said case is her The Hills co-star and rival, Audrina Patridge. Is there something fishy going on?

Access Hollywood caught up with the latest bad girl on The Hills and asked her for her take on the crimes. She didn't exactly discuss Audrina, but that was most likely on the back of her mind.

Kristin told the publication that the news of thefts floating around has greatly worried her. "It's a really scary thing and I just purchased my first house," she said. "I'm a little freaked out by the whole thing."

This has only pushed her to be more wary about her own home. She has already prepared for any intrusions that might occur, keeping herself vigilant against these robberies.

"I have my alarm system, I have everything set up," Kristin Cavallari admitted. She's definitely not taking any chances.

Perhaps this can also be tied to her choice of contacts. The Hills star admitted that it's not easy for her to make friends because she knows how picky she can be when it comes to that. On an interview with National Ledger, she claimed that she has been learning how to deal with people more and more. Maybe this is also a good way to ward off thieves, of any kind even.

"When you make new friends, you just have to be a little cautious and make sure they don't want to be friends with you just because you're famous," the 22-year-old reality celebrity explained. "I'm pretty good at spotting that, though. I have a pretty good instinct with people."

We can see if she really does have that way with others, as the star continues to film for The Hills this season. She claims it might wrap up soon, but another installment of the show is on the way for next year.

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