'America's Next Top Model' Final 4 Runway Walks: Who Struts Best?

There's so much that goes into becoming America's Next Top Model. There's that staple: looking beautiful in expensive dresses (which the final four attempt this week--click for their final photos). And there's getting through Tyra's arbitrary challenges (like, say, doing a Hawaiian hip hop dance) without complaining. And, of course, there's being the best Covergirl for the job.

Much of the each ANTM cycle is devoted to these lofty tasks, but let's not forget the other essential part of an ANTM winner: her runway walk! As you'll recall, the final two models always strut in a runway show in the final episode, and how they perform can make or break their chances of winning. Throw in the fact that our models this cycle are under 5'7, and will probably be walking with models closer to 5'10 in height, and I'm guessing we've got a very dramatic final face-off coming our way!

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