Angels and Demons

6.5 /10

Let me start by saying that I have enjoyed both the books Davinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I like his cynical outlook on Catholicism or on Christianity as a whole. It's refreshing to see in today's modern society that believes that the earth is a sphere and revolves around a sun in a universe that could potentially bear many many other planets capable of sustaining life, just like ours :)

Anyway, Angels and Demons..

1. Not as good as Davinci Code nor is it as good an adaptation of the book

2. Very fast (jerky) paced dark and difficult to follow at times a la Bourne Supremacy.

3. Like the book, more in the realm of spirituality than a conspiracy novel

4. The action sequences take away from the plot itself in that there is less time devoted to the mystical element of the movie.

5. As usual, Tom Hanks does a great Langdon

6. Ewan McGregor's character IS intriguing indeed

Its a movie that would be a good DVD rental after a nice meal, as far as the cinema goes.. well that's really up to you as for me.. the big screen was not necessary to me for this movie.


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