5 Things I Want to See from Paris Hilton on 'Supernatural' - Featured

This week is the true test for Supernatural: can the show survive a guest appearance by the one and only Paris Hilton? Given the fact that the show has featured slash fiction, a suicidal teddy bear and a third Winchester brother, I suspect Supernatural will be safe.

The Paris episode of Supernatural, "Fallen Idol," airs Thursday at 9pm on The CW. But what can we expect from her role? More importantly, what do we want to see? There are a lot of possibilities for the Supernatural writers, but here are five things I hope we'll see in the episode.

1. "That's Hot"

This is essentially Paris Hilton's catchphrase, so I definitely expect to hear these two words come from her mouth. Bonus points if Dean says it.

2. House of Wax Reference

Paris co-starred with Supernatural's Jared Padalecki in the horror film House of Wax, so it would be only fitting if the show made an inside joke about their film. Bonus points if the show actually mentions that the movie starred a guy named Jared. Extra bonus points if anyone name drops Chad Michael Murray.

3. Sex Tape Reference

Supernatural is no stranger to talking about Dean's love of strip clubs and pornography, so he had better make a joke about Paris Hilton's infamous sex tape. Bonus points if Paris herself makes the joke.

4. A BFF Reference

Paris has three different versions of her My New BFF reality show across the globe, so I think it would be hilarious if Dean asks if he can be her BFF. Bonus points if Castiel asks.

5. A Gruesome Death

Fans have been in an outrage over Paris Hilton infecting Supernatural from the moment it was announced, so it would be cathartic if the Paris demon is ganked in most horrifying, disturbing way possible. Bonus points if they combine this with the House of Wax reference and impale her head with a metal pole.

So what are you hoping to see from Paris, and what can Supernatural do with her to make you love the episode?

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Oct 8, 2009 10:03PM EDT

Wow. Three out of five isn't bad!

Oct 8, 2009 10:06PM EDT

Well, they did make a small reference to house of wax and she said a lot of her key phrases in her paris(e) way... lol... and her death, the image, was classic! The way Sam and Dean acted after was a nice touch too.

Hidden profile
Oct 8, 2009 11:55PM EDT

Three out of five isn't bad. And I did like her monologue. Agreed with every word of it.

Oct 9, 2009 5:08PM EDT

man she cant catch a break killed off in house of wax and on here damn poor skank

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