'Gossip Girl' Couples Update: Bitter Bree, Infatuated Olivia, and Devilish Damien

Season 3 of Gossip Girl so far has been even more focused on romantic pairings than ever before--with lots of new and familiar faces appearing as love interests on the show. (Maybe it's because the writers exhausted all their in-crowd options in the first couple of seasons?)

Check out the latest spoilers about Nate, Dan and Jenny's newest loves!

Plus: could Chuck and Blair's biggest relationship problem be worrying about other people's relationships?

* Did you hear the news about the upcoming three-way on Gossip Girl? We don't yet know which trio will be trying out the menage a trois, but all our major characters are options right now! Could everyone's favorite couple, Chuck and Blair, be looking for new ways to spice up their bedroom life?

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Oct 9, 2009 3:15PM EDT

I vote for the futur jenny and (devilish kevin zegger) couple.(if you have read the news about it you know that he's suppose to bring her in a wrong way and when we think about the past episode we also know that she's a bit impressionable ) for nate and bree we've seen that they are really intimate in there couple, for dan and olivia, we've seen that dan's looking for new experience but i guess not that much and it would not be good at all for the plublicity of olivia. for serena and carter, it would be a way back to some old bad habit for serena and we can guess carter will have enough trouble with bree and her family. for chuck and blair they are supposed to stay in couple all the 3 season and it would be to much predictable so i don't bet on theme. I could imagine jenny, the caracter kevin will embody and... ERIC. we'll know in time... it' my guess.

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