Glee Season 1, Episode 6: 'Vitamin D' - Recap

Last week on Glee, Will recruited glee club member turned something else April to give New Directions a kick, but things go downhill when he realizes she can't quit drinking and is becoming a bad influence to the glee kids. Rachel returned to the club, shared a moment with Finn, and "found out" that he's having a baby with Quinn. Note the quotes.

They finally made it to sectionals, and to boot, they're grouped with clubs from a school for deaf people and a halfway house, or so Mercedes insists. Not surprisingly, they think nothing will stop them from winning, and Will's worried that they're becoming complacent. He asks Emma for advice, but they end up having an awkward moment over mustard on his "cute Kirk Douglas chin mandible". And, they end up getting advice from Sue, who suggests that Will light the competitive spirit in the kids. Of course, it's in that belittling way.

Yep, you got that coming, brainspark. It's a mash-up competition between the guys and the girls, or as Will calls it, a "glee-off". They've got a week to work on their numbers, with the guys performing on Tuesday, and the girls on the following day. The girls get right on it, but the guys notice that Finn's really, really tired. He feels pressured by football stuff, glee stuff, and admittedly, girl stuff. Yep, you got that coming, Rachel.

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