Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Final HOH Part 2

On this episode of Big Brother 12 it was every man for himself as the three members of the Brigade alliance each competed to win this season's last Head of Household competition and thereby guarantee a spot in the final two. Plus: We get a trip to Enzo's New Jersey home and Ragan's entry into the jury house brings on Round 3 of the continuing Rachel-Ragan bout. So, which players are one step closer to becoming the final and most powerful HOH? Let's find out.

First, a grievance: I don't like stringing Part 3 of the HOH competition out until the live season finale for two reasons. One: The jury questioning on finale night always feels more rushed and awkward than it does when that part is taped and edited. Two (and this one is more important): It makes episodes like tonight's feel ultimately useless. Everything before the last 10 minutes was filler, and while some of it was drama-filled, I'd rather just get to it already. Moving on ...

The show picks up with Enzo, Lane and Hayden hanging from their respective ropes in the backyard. Each of the guys complain about their legs and their "boys downstairs" being numb and/or squished during the competition, but one thing is clear: Not one of these guys trusts the other two enough to give up and hope they get taken to the finals. After about 20 minutes of competing, the most predictable thing in the world happens: Enzo falls off his rope, completing his trifecta of performing terribly in all of this season's endurance competitions. (Hayden says Enzo lacks "intestinal fortitude.")

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