This Week in 'Glee' Music: "Vitamin D"

Usually we'd be doing a slideshow here listing down all the songs we heard on last night's episode of Glee. But these are special circumstances. One, we only have two performances, so that obviously makes a slideshow and a showdown impossible. (Dang.) Two, those performances are mash-ups of two different songs. So we might put it this way: we have four songs squeezed into two songs--and that's only four minutes or so of the episode!

So here's what we'll do. I'll do what I usually do, slightly adapted. I'll give my comments on the song, and you'll get a chance to vote on your favorite performance via the poll. And then, just as a bonus, you get to listen to them one more time, just to remind you to download them on iTunes later on. The good thing? We don't have to sit through what I think is the awkwardness of seeing everybody but Quinn giddy because of decongestants. Of course that's tongue-in-cheek. But you know what I mean!

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