Entourage: "Stunted" Review Season 7, Episode 1

Vince, Drama, Turtle, Eric and Ari returned last night for their seventh season, but it felt like they never left. Which is another, more polite way of saying the show continues to provide a little too much more of the same even when it tries to supply its characters with a new status quo. In that regard, the premise of this show remains a double-edged sword: its unique, comedic brand of day-in-the-celebrity-life escapism is in some small way just as entertaining as ever, yet it still struggles to cultivate satisfying long form dramatic storylines.

In the case of "Stunted," writer/director/showrunner Doug Ellin attempted to jump forward in each of his characters' story arcs while still slowing down to set up their individual journeys this season. As a result, the episode felt at times like an epilogue to Season 6's "The Boys Are Finally Growing Up" arc and at others like a mere prologue to this new season. That the prologue sections seemed to point down some suspiciously familiar roads only compounded the episode's stale taste.

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