Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 4 - Stuck

Rabbit awakes from a nightmare of the fatal helicopter accident that happened a year ago. At work he finds the burnt shoe he was wearing. Meanwhile, Glenn is still trying to get used to his new job and how desensitized all his co-workers around him seem to be.

A lineman, Danny, works on a power line and the line starts to buzz, which causes an electric shock that results in a horrible accident. Nancy and Glenn rush to the scene and run to the aid of the injured workmen. One man, Bill, has lost his arm and Danny fell onto a car. Glenn tries to help the man with the severed arm, but the new EMT can't handle all the blood and faints.

Glenn recovers from his fainting spell and asks Nancy not to tell anyone about it. Meanwhile, a couple mountain biking through trails has an accident and Marisa and Rabbit come to the rescue. The woman, Jessica, fell off the mountain and broke her ankle. Rabbit takes her in the helicopter and tries to reassure her fears. However, when the helicopter hits some turbulence, Rabbit gets air sick and pukes; something new for him.

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