Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 5 - Masquerade

Tyler and Nancy reminisce about Terry through a zombie video game. Tyler teaches Nancy how to play. Meanwhile three teenagers wreak havoc in a neighborhood. One prank goes horribly wrong when the boys throw phosphorous in a bird bath. Phil, one of the boys, falls to the ground and can't breathe.

Tyler and Boone respond to the trauma, but Tyler is mad with Boone for not pulling his weight with the cleaning duties in the rig. On their way to the scene, a maniac wearing a neck brace screams at Tyler and Boone for charging $2,000 for an ambulance ride. The paramedics ignore the maniac and assist Phil, the young boy, who is badly burned. The teenager's throat begins to close up and right when Tyler and Boone stabilize the kid, the angry man beats the ambulance over and over again with a bat. Happy Halloween!

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